One Year in New Zealand

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We spent one year backpacking in New Zealand on a Working Holiday Visa and we found ourselves not wanting to leave. After tons of awesome adventures with friends the trip came to an end. It makes us cry every time we watch this video. Behind every shot is a story to tell, a good [...]

Melbourne, Australia – Most Liveable City

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The best of Melbourne City and it's surroundings. We lived in Melbourne for a few months and wanted to capture the beautiful city and National Parks of Victoria surrounding Melbourne. We shot Hyperlapses, Timelapses and a lot of sunrises and sunsets :). Enjoy! Locations: CBD, Southbank, Melbourne Star, China Town, [...]

New South Wales Australia | Cinematic Travel Video | Ellen Projects

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Traveling through New South Wales, Australia. We highlight the best nature spots NSW has to offer, on our road trip from Sydney to Melbourne. The landscape is full of mountains and beautiful beaches. A lot of sunrises and National Parks guaranteed. SUBSCRIBE AND TURN ON POST NOTIFICATIONS ► LOCATIONS ► Sydney, Blue Mountains, [...]

Snorkeling with SHARKS

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Snorkeling with sharks is something I always wanted to do. To see them up close feels really special and frightening at the same time. These are Port Jackson sharks and they are considered to be harmless. However, if you do provoke them, they could attack you. Note: We do not recommend or encourage people [...]

Wombats everywhere!

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We found ourselves surrounded by wombats! It's really special to see them so close in the wild. Wombats are nocturnal marsupials native to Australia. They have a backwards-facing pouch and are really good diggers. Their poop is cube-shaped, so that it doesn’t roll away. How cool is that?!