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Hey you! Welcome to Ellen Projects!

This is a place where we hopefully can inspire you to start traveling, follow your passion and get out of your comfort zone.

We create cinematic travel videos to show you how beautiful the world is and aim to inspire you to start traveling too.

Learn about photography, videography and traveling while we take you on a journey through the most beautiful parts of the world.

We are Ellen Grondijs and Jelmer Meijer from the Netherlands. Lovely to meet you!

I started Ellen Projects by myself when I was 16 but I’m so lucky to have Jelmer, a talented and amazing partner by my side now. Together we rule the world! At least that’s what I like to think ;).

Back home in the Netherlands I finished my studies in Journalism and Photography and worked as a TV reporter. Jelmer studied Videography and became a freelance cameraman. We really enjoyed it but deep down were craving for more in life.

So, we bought a place ticket and left everything behind to start a 9-months-adventure on the other side of the world: New Zealand!

We fell in love with exploring new landscapes, meeting inspiring people and the feeling of freedom. Of course we loved it so much that we ended up staying 15 months in New Zealand instead (the maximum visa time to stay for a Working Holiday Visa is one year + the Tourist Visa gave us another three months).

During our time we lived on the South Island of New Zealand. Te Anau, close to Milford Sound , became our home as did Wanaka where we stayed for the winter season. This was our first time on a snowboard and now we are addicted to this crazy sport!

When we didn’t work we travelled around the country living in our van and that was the best feeling ever. Driving and camping wherever we wanted, shooting the sunrise, sunset and stars (which can be seen clearly and brightly from New Zealand) – all that made us happy. Very happy!

We figured since we were so close to Australia anyway, we might as well spend a year on a Working Holiday Visa over there, too. Our first stop was Melbourne in the state Victoria, a very creative and great city to live in.

We did find out though that we aren’t city people and that we enjoy the small communities much more. So we moved to Jindabyne in New South Wales.

This is such a good thing about traveling, you get to experience and live different lives all the time and in the end you know exactly which lifestyle suits you the most.

We lived between the mountains and snow. I know what you are thinking… ”What?! Australia has snow?” It was a surprise for us too, but it sure does!

Winter came to a close and we had two more months to travel through Australia and New Zealand. In December we flew back home to spend Christmas with our families.

What it feels like to come back home after traveling for more than two years.

Now we are back in the Netherlands editing all the footage we shot over the past two months (10 terabyte! :O). Every week we publish two videos on YouTube for you to watch!

We got another couple of months to decide where we are going next because we will never stop exploring!

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It was so nice to meet you and look forward to your read your comments!


Ellen and Jelmer



P.S Want to find out more about me and are you curious how I found my passion for journalism and photography? Read all about it over here.